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The Body Perfect Cosmetic Clinic, an expert in cosmetic dermatology, has been offering beauty & wellness services since its inception in 2013. Driven by the mantra of “Enchanting Lifestyle”, The Body Perfect is an ISO-certified wellness center, operated by reputed medical practitioners, dedicated wellness therapists and enthusiastic professionals.


Ms. Sara Khan, founder of The Body Perfect, is a cosmetic dermatology expert with 12 years of experience in the beauty and wellness industry. Sara Khan initiated The Body Perfect with the aim of providing a radiant lifestyle to every individual through beauty, healing and wellness care at an affordable price.

Bagged with a Bachelor’s degree in Science from the prestigious Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, Sara always had an inclination towards the wellness, fitness and grooming industry. Soon after her studies, Sara worked as a personality trainer at various multi-national companies in Bangalore. She also took up an opportunity to serve as a personality grooming practitioner in Maldives and later in Dubai to enhance her abilities and acquire ample international exposure.


Being one of the renowned cosmetic center offering therapeutic treatments across Bangalore and Dubai, The Body Perfect offers a wide range of wellness services that are constantly upgraded to be on par with the ever-progressing standards of the wellness industry. Our products and services include hair care, body care, skin care, fortified foods and functional foods that are evolved from organic elements and techniques. Our unisex beauty & wellness therapies adapt holistic approach to provide inner and external rejuvenating solutions to our clients.

At The Body Perfect, a team of wellness experts are involved in continuous research to uncover latest therapeutic practices that enable them deliver world class wellness services with utmost precision. Equipped with cutting edge technology and state-of- the-art infrastructure, our professionals create the right balance of emerging trends and techniques to offer optimum beauty and wellness remedies.

Our specialized recommendations and treatments are custom-made to suit varied client requirements. Issues related to hair loss, skin concerns, dental problems, hypertension, hypothyroidism, and chronic pain, are thoroughly analyzed and solutions that not only heal temporarily but also deliver long- term benefits are provided. As they say, beauty is skin deep. In these times of chaotic lifestyles and rush- hour madness, keeping our body and mind at a state of nirvana is extremely crucial. The Body Perfect is a one-stop place to take the level of beauty and wellness quotient to near perfection.


To provide beauty and wellness services, recommendations and solutions that enhance mind and personality of all who care for a lifestyle that is flawless, radiant, joyful and nearly PERFECT.

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