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Hair Regeneration with PRP/PRFM/Stemcell

Hair Regeneration with PRP/PRFM/Stemcell


Alopaciea is the general medical term for hair loss.

Some of the more common types of hair loss include:

Androgenic alopecia

Involutional alopecia

Alopecia areata

Alopecia universalis

Telogen effluvium

Scarring alopecias


Causes of hair loss



Stress and childbirth

Drugs: Chemotherapy, Blood thinners, Beta Blockers, OCP

Burns, injuries

Radiation: X-ray radiation

Autoimmune diseases: Psoriasis, Lupus etc

Non professional cosmetic procedures: Perming , Colouring, straightening etc

Medical conditions: Thyroid disease, Diabetes, Anemia, Dandruff etc

Dietary deficiency Low protien diet, Vitamin C, B 6, B 12,

Toxic load in the body

Organic Hair fall Solution

The hair has outer Cuticle made of keratin cells.

Inner Cortex house the Cortical cells, protein matrix, macro-fibril, micro-fibril, micro filament and Intermediate filament protein.

On hair that is damaged, the outside cuticle is raised (rough), and the inside has cavities or pot holes leaving the hair weak.

The Organic Protein treatment works on powerful two-fold mechanism which works from the inside-out.

Protein molecule drives (inside) the hair and fills the potholes to strengthen. Ceremide closes the cuticle(outside) to smoothen.

Stem Cell Treatment

Stemcells are undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide (mitosis) to produce more stem cells.

Broadly classified into :

Embryonic Stem cells

Adult Stem cells

Function :

Repair system for the body

Replenish adult tissue

Differentiate into specialized cells

Cellular regeneration

Types of stem cells used for Hair regeneration:

Amniotic fluid derived Stem cells (ASCEs) : It has regenerative effect on hair and promotes hair growth. It eliminates inflammation in the hair root, strengthens it and activates hair cells. It regulates scalp sebum and nourishes hair.

Adipose derived Stem cells (ADSCs) : It uses body’s own stem cells and cytokinase (cellular messengers) to repair tissue. These are pluripotent mesenchymal stem cells which helps in compensation of scalp defects , wound healing, cell renewal, hair growth and acts against hair whitening.

PRP/PRFM Hair Regeneration

These are exciting autologous, non-surgical therapeutic options for patients who require stimulation of hair, scalp and skin.

The procedure involves drawing out one’s own blood and centrifuging it in a specially designed PRP kit so that the plasma with platelets is extracted from the blood sample.

This plasma rich in platelets and growth factors is very useful in tissue regeneration and healing. It is then injected on the scalp or applied on the scalp after performing micro needling in the areas which suffers from hair loss.

To improve comfort of the patient, a numbing cream is applied on the area to be treated, prior to the procedure, which involves aseptic methods of phlebotomy (drawing out blood) and micro injections /micro needling on the area to be treated.

How does hair transplant redefine your age?


Tufts of new baby hair on the treated area noticed after the third or fourth sitting.

Initial changes in hair density and quality are seen after 1-2 months of therapy.

Changes will be assessed by comparing pre & post treatment photographs and non-invasive measurement of hair density at intervals of one month after initial treatment.

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